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The internet is a great place to visit but the first rule is to STAY SAFE! 

There is a game that you can play first. It helps to teach you about how to use the internet safely.

To play the game jump to visit the WILD WEB WOODS  and have fun! If you find the game a bit difficult ask an adult for help. 

Did you enjoy learning about being safe on the internet?


Our theme for this month is the YEAR OF MERCY, do you know why?

Because Pope Francis has made this year (until November 20th) a special year for all of the church, called a Holy Year of Mercy. The Pope wants you to think about mercy and find out what it means and how you can be given mercy and also show mercy yourself.

The Pope has said that he wants you to think about being given mercy like in the story of the Prodigal Son or showing mercy like in the story of the Good Samaritan. Do you know that story?

What did mercy mean in the story, did it mean feeling sorry for someone? Is feeling sorry enough? Did it mean also doing something to help someone?

Saints are people who decided to do something to help out and became known and celebrated by the Catholic church for showing mercy, especially to the poor, hungry and lonely.

 There is a saint who had a special connection with mercy. You can find out more about her here……Saint Faustina Kowalska 

Now we are going to look at a door. Why a door?

Well one reason is that the Year of Mercy started with the Pope opening a door, a very special door!

This Holy Door is the northernmost entrance of Saint Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. It is cemented shut and only opened for Jubilee (Holy) Years. This is Pope Francis opening the door last November when the Year of Mercy started.

Did you find out more about what a door has to do with a Year of Mercy? 

This door (and others around the world) will be open for this entire (Liturgical) year and is an invitation for pilgrims to walk through as a sign of the choice of turning to God and accepting his forgiveness and mercy.

You can see where the doors of mercy have been opened all over the world by jumping to this website – see can you find out how many there are in Ireland? Jump here to……World Doors of Mercy

And where will we JUMP TO next time?