Below you will find some questions to which people are frequently seeking answers. This list is not exhaustive so if you have any other queries please contact one of the priests or the parish office, See our contacts page for a full list of telephone numbers or phone the parish office for more information (021 4371109).

A priest is available in the Church every Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) between 7pm 8pm, for those booking Marriages, Masses. If you want to book a Baptism please bring the Baptismal Certificate with you.

I want to submit a notice for the Carrigaline Parish Newsletter.

Please leave the notice clearly written and signed in the box on the sacristy door on Monday for inclusion in the following weeks newsletter. Thank you.

Interested in becoming Catholic?

For adults interested in learning more about becoming a Catholic, the Carrigaline RCIA group provide support and information on the process. Please visit the parish website https://www.carrigalineparish.ie/index.php/parishvariousgroups/ for information or call the parish office. There is also more information on the work of the RCIA on the Cork and Ross website http://www.corkandross.org/html/parishes/rcia.jsp



My elderly parent is ill and unable to go out to Mass, how do I arrange a priest to visit?

If you telephone any of the priests of the parish they will be happy to visit your parent and place them on their First Friday list so that they may receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) and Holy Communion once a month.

See our contacts page for a full list of telephone numbers or phone the parish office. (021 4371109)

If you know someone who would like to receive Holy Communion in their home, please call the Parish Office or contact one of the priests. Discretion is assured.

I am originally from the parish and due to be married elsewhere, what papers do I need?

If you no longer live in the parish but were baptised and confirmed here, you need to contact the parish office for a Baptism/Confirmation/Letter of Freedom Certificate which the priest in your current parish will need. If you are still resident in this parish you will need to contact one of the priests so that he can fill in a pre-nuptial enquiry form for you.

I want to arrange my wedding in the parish, how do I go about it?

Congratulations on your decision to get married. It’s an exciting time with lots of wedding planning ahead!
The Cork and Ross website provides you with a comprehensive guide to assist you with planning your journey towards the wedding day. (Add link to Cork and Ross site) http://www.corkandross.org/html/sacraments/marriage

You will need to give a minimum of three months notice of your wedding to Church and State.

Contact the parish office (021 4371109) to check that the church is free on the date you want.

Then contact the priest you would like to officiate at your wedding to check if he is free on that date.

If he is free, the priest concerned will direct you to the civil and church requirements and the timescales involved.

You will also need to look at participating in a marriage preparation course, which is a lovely way for you as a couple to take a look at your own relationship. Cork and Ross website have the information on the courses available. (Add link to page on Cork and Ross site) http://www.corkandross.org/html/sacraments/marriage/premarriage_courses.jsp

Cork Marriage Counselling Centre, Address: 34 Paul Street, Cork. Tel: 021 4272277

Please note that the Civil Authorities also have state requirements, which must also be fulfilled. Civil Registration Service & Civil Registrar of Marriages & Civil Partnerships, Adelaide Court, Adelaide Street, Cork.

Contact: 021 4275126, Email: crs@hse.ie

I wish to have my baby baptised, who do I contact to make arrangements?

Congratulations on the birth of your child. When booking a Baptism please bring the child’s birth certificate and remember to give at least 3 weeks notice in advance of the date of the Baptism.

Please book Baptisms in the Sacristy. A priest is available in the church every Monday evening (except Bank Holidays) between 7pm – 8pm.

Baptisms in the Church of Our Lady and St. John in Carrigaline take place each Saturday at 12.30pm, 4pm and 5pm.

The Parish Baptism Team is available to new parents by helping with:

  • An introduction to the baptismal ceremony
  • Organisation of participation in readings and prayers at the baptism

If my child is not attending a Catholic School in the Parish, how do I arrange Communion or Confirmation?

Preparatory religion classes for the sacraments of Communion and Confirmation in the Church of Our Lady and St. John take place in the Parish Centre on Wednesday afternoons after school. Please phone the Parish Office for further details. (021 4371109)

I am new to the parish and wish to know how I might have my house blessed?

Firstly, welcome to our parish. Any of the priests of the parish would be happy to visit your family and bless your house just give them a call to make an arrangement.

If you have children you will notice from our website that we have excellent parish schools in which you may wish to enrol your children.