Parish Groups

Groups This is a list of groups associated with Carrigaline parish. We would like to invite anybody who is interested in finding out more information to follow the directions given by each of the groups, or to contact the Parish Centre – phone 021 4371109 or email: You will always be most welcome!


At 8pm on Wednesday nights in the Parish Centre (the back building).

Join us as we gather together in prayer to experience the music and tranquillity of Taizé by candlelight. Hymn sheets are provided.

You can sing, play or simply meditate in peace.

Please don’t be shy, everyone is very welcome! If you want further information contact Donal at 086 8151136

Carrigaline Children’s Mass Group

Carrigaline Children’s Mass Group is a very popular and vibrant group within the parish. Since its beginnings in 1998 we have gone from strength to strength. All children of school-going age are welcome to join. Our aim is to encourage our young parishioners to participate in the singing, reading and offering of gifts during the celebration of the Mass. Our group is run by volunteer parents with support from the Carrigaline Folk Group for musical direction. The Masses take place at 11.15a.m. on the third Sunday of each month from September to May and there are practices on the second Sunday of each month in the Parish Centre from 12noon to 1.00p.m. At the practice we prepare the children for the celebration of the Mass. Various themes are developed at the practice using a variety of readings, prayers, art work and sketches. One of the highlights of the year is the Christmas Nativity Mass. The children dress up as a host of angels and shepherds as well as Mary, Joseph, the Inn-keeper and the Three Wise Men to act out the Nativity play. The Children’s Mass group also takes part in the Carrigaline St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We want to thank all of the wonderful children who eagerly participate and we encourage new members to join us at any time during the year. You are all very welcome to come!

Parish Baptism Team

The Parish Baptism Team helps the parish to reach out to families presenting children for baptism by helping them appreciate the meaning of the rite and by representing the parishioners at the ceremony. Support includes:

  • An introduction to the baptismal ceremony
  • Organisation of participation in readings and prayers at the baptism
  • Checklist for the family for the baptism ceremony.

Infant Baptism If you want to have your baby baptised the first step is to go and see your parish priest in the sacristy of the Church of Our Lady and Saint John, Carrigaline on Monday evenings at 7.00pm (except for Bank Holidays). You will be most welcome! More information on baptism – see the link to Baptism under Sacraments on this website, or phone Sr. Noírin 021 4372718

Legion of Mary

No doubt some of you have already heard of the Legion of Mary, were even perhaps members at some stage, whilst others among you may not know that we exist! Whatever the case, we would like to tell you who we are and what we do. The Legion of Mary is a Catholic organisation and its membership is open to men and women. From humble beginnings in Dublin, the Legion has spread right across the globe, so what was initially a national organisation, founded by an Irishman called Frank Duff, quickly became an international one. There are two types of membership: active members and auxiliary members. Active members meet once a week (time and venue can be found on page 2 of the parish newsletter) and pray (starting with Our Lady’s favourite prayer, the Rosary) and we have a set agenda like other clubs and associations, which we go through and discuss at the meeting. This weekly meeting lasts for about an hour. As well as prayer, the members of the Legion in a parish try to assist the priest in his ministry. The work that we do is very often church-based or parish-based: for example, selling Catholic papers, magazines, CDs, Mass cards and Baptismal Candles at Masses, visiting the sick and elderly, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, visiting the local graveyard and praying for the deceased of the parish. We have ten members (male and female) at the moment in our local Praesidium. Many may think that Legionaries are ‘Holy Joes’ but we can assure you we are just ordinary people leading ordinary lives. It’s good to take time out in order to get away from the busyness of our lives. Being a member of the Legion can help us achieve that and become more spiritual in the process. Auxiliary members are considered to be the powerhouse of the Legion, as these members say the Legion prayers on a daily basis, but are unable to attend the weekly meeting or do Legionary work. If you would like to find out more about us, please come to the Legion room at the back of the church at any of the weekend Masses. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every Sunday in the Church from 2.00 to 6.00pm. The Rosary is recited Tuesday to Saturday after morning Mass.

Our Lady and St. John Padre Pio Prayer Group

The Our Lady and St. John Padre Pio Prayer Group meets on the first Wednesday morning of each month, directly after the 9.30a.m. Mass and Rosary in the Church of Our Lady and St. John, Carrigaline. The group has been meeting for many years and was formed to fill a spiritual need within the parish. During the meeting, which lasts for fifteen minutes, we pray for our own intentions and those of the parish, moving through a sequence of 10 short prayers. All are very welcome to join our group and we would be delighted to see new parishioners joining us. A sheet with the prayers is provided to everyone who attends. In October 2010, Fr. Bertie O’Mahony P.P., re-dedicated our group. It is now called Our Lady and St. John Padre Pio Prayer Group. The group meets on the first Wednesday morning of each month, directly after the 9.30am Mass and rosary, in the Church of Our Lady and Saint John, Carrigaline.  

Altar society

The Altar Society looks after flowers for the Masses, Confirmations and First Communions in the church. New members are always welcome. For further information please contact Pat Grace 021 4372601  

Bereavement Support Group

This group consists of 10 members who meet on a monthly basis from September to June. At each of these meetings we pray for those persons from our Parish Community and beyond who have died. We also remember, in our prayers, those who are bereaved and who mourn the death to this life of a loved one. A specially designed Sympathy Card is sent to the family of the deceased about 6 weeks after the death of their loved one, in which we offer one-to-one support. What is offered is confidential, compassionate listening, not counselling, by trained volunteers. A Grief and Loss Support Programme (8 weeks) for those who are grieving the death of a loved one coming up to a year or more and need support is held twice yearly, Spring and Autumn. A Remembrance and Thanksgiving Service is held on the 4 Wednesdays of November, organised by Group members. Leaflets dealing with different types of bereavement and loss are available from the Noticeboard near the Sacristy door at the back of the Church. For further information contact Ber at the Parish Centre 021-4371109.

What is St. Joseph’s Young Priests Society?


It is a society of lay people which is approved by the Irish Episcopal Conference. The Society’s work was founded by Mrs Olivia Taffe in 1895.

What is the purpose of the Society? The purpose of the Society is twofold; To foster vocations to the priesthood and religious life, and to assist financially in the education of students for the priesthood. Our local branch was formed in 1977. What do we do? A decade of the Rosary for Vocations is said before 9.30a.m. Mass each morning. A meeting is held on 2nd Monday of every month at 10.15am in the Parish Centre. All funds raised through members are sent to the head office at 23 Merrion Sq., Dublin 2. The only other fundraising is an annual Christmas hamper draw. Thanks to Supervalue where we sell lines on a day provided. Also a big thanks to our local Credit Union.

At our A.G.M. on Monday 9th November the following committee was elected.

President: Nora Minehane

Secretary: Veronica McCarthy

Treasurer: Marie Lordan

Over the next five weeks we will be working on our Christmas Draw – Our main fundraiser.

New members are always welcome.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Carrigaline

The Society of St Vincent de Paul Carrigaline. Confidential assistance for people in need. Tel: Tuckey Street, Cork:  4270644 / 087 0527121 or contact Sr. Noírin 021 4372718  

The Tuesday Night Prayer Group.

We meet every Tuesday night at 7.15p.m. for approximately one hour in the Parish Centre. We pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplait, with prayers of intercession and a brief reflection on the Gospel for the following Sunday. New members are very welcome to join us!  

Pioneer Association

Our Mission and Vision Carrigaline Pioneer Centre Founded in 1950, the Carrigaline Centre of the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association has been activated throughout the past year. Members visited the schools of the parish and offered the pledge to abstain from intoxicating drink until they are 18 and to abstain for life from drugs. Those who signed up were presented with their pioneer pins and prayer cards after a Confirmation preparation Mass by Fr. Bertie O’Mahony P.P. Short-term pledges for Lent and for the month of November were offered to parishioners. The Carrigaline Centre has been awarded a Gradam by Headquarters of the Pioneer Association every year for the past 15 years. To acknowledge this achievement members were invited to Dublin for a special Mass in St. Francis Xavier Church, Gardiner St., where Carrigaline was one of the six Centres in the country to receive a special 15-year Gradam. Members of the Centre participated in the annual Eucharistic Procession and helped organise the annual Regional Dinner of the Pioneers. The monthly Pioneer Magazine is also available from the Centre. Anyone wishing to join the Pioneers or wants to renew their Pioneer Pin can contact Aislinn 087 4889699.  

Tuesday Coffee Morning:

You are welcome to come to join us in the Parish Centre after 9.30am Mass, gathering for coffee and reflections on the following Sunday’s readings.  

Ministers of the Word

The Ministers of the Word were started many years ago in Carrigaline. At that time, a small group of people who wished to be involved in proclaiming the Word of God to their fellow parishioners was formed and they took it in turns to read at the various Masses. About 18 years ago it was decided to put together a formal rota for this Ministry to ensure that a Minister of the Word was available for all Masses. This rota is invaluable, in that it has built up a wonderful network of people within the Parish who are available, not just to read at their allocated Masses, but to provide cover where necessary. All Ministers are commissioned to proclaim the Word of God at a special Commissioning Ceremony.Up to now we have had one Minister for each Mass, but from September 2014 there will be two Ministers, which will mean each Minister will have the opportunity to read on a more regular basis at their chosen Mass time, where possible. We also have a group of wonderful people who come together to Minister the Word at the weekday and Saturday morning Masses. We would like to involve more people in this Ministry, and invite Parishioners who are interested in becoming a Minister of the Word to contact Colette on 087 676 2757 or to give their name and contact number to Mary in the Sacristy.  

Aifreann Gaeilge

Aifreann Gaeilge is celebrated once a month at 10.00am on the second Sunday of the month. Mass leaflets in Irish are given out at the doors to help people to follow the Mass in Irish and to help with the responses. We have a Cór Gaeilge who practise on the Tuesday evening before the Aifreann in the Parish Centre from 7.00 to 8.00pm. New members are welcome. Contact Aislinn on 087 9699 488.  

RCIA Carrigaline

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults R.C.I.A. Our parish group are a number of people endeavouring to help each other to live out our Christian Faith as Roman Catholics and to instruct those in our Parish who may be thinking of becoming a Catholic. This programme was initiated by Pope Paul VI on January 1st 1972. The initial concept of the process by which adult converts are received into full communion with the Church takes place in four stages. 1 Pre-Catechumate or Inquiry Stage This is the phase of gathering information, answering questions or correcting misunderstandings. 2 Catechumate Phase Spiritual formation and introduction to Catholic parish life. 3 Election Phase This Rite starts on the first Sunday of Lent and includes scrutinising, presentation and anointing. 4 Final Initiation Phase Takes place at the Easter Vigil when the candidate receives the Sacraments. This year we have two candidates being prepared for Confirmation. The beauty of the R.C.I.A. is Community—while exploring the riches of our Faith it allows people to make friends. Since 2009 seventeen persons have joined our Church and continue to keep in touch in their new-found Faith community. You can visit the Carrigaline Parish ‘YouTube’ channel to see the video of the RCIA in Carrigaline, Easter 2009 – For further information see the Cork and Ross website.